Credit solutions

Before you opt for bespoke credit insurance, our advisors will produce a comprehensive analysis of your situation. This will enable you to tailor the provision of information, debt collection and optimal cover as a whole, as closely as possible to your needs.

Credit insurance

Do you worry about customers who do not pay your invoices or pay them very late? A credit insurance may be suitable for you.

Credit insurance can be tailored to you, taking into account your specific requirements and needs. Credit insurance has a preventative effect, but it also offers the opportunity to minimise the risk of non-payment by debtors. In turn, this will have a beneficial effect on your balance sheet.

Company information

Knowledge gives you an edge over your competitors and, at the same time, knowledge can protect you against financial errors. In terms of your customers with whom you do business, do you know just how solvent they are? Using reliable company information from different databases, Meijers Credit can make you smarter still.