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About Meijers Credit

Businesses simply want to do business. Debt management or cash flow management is a necessity, or anything associated with those.

Because first and foremost we are also a business, at Meijers Credit we are best placed to understand that.

Let us help you to optimise your certainty and you will be able to get more out of your business.


Meijers Insurance Brokers

Our name says it all, Meijers Credit works closely with Meijers Assurantiën – chartered broker. We share the same guiding principle, that continuity in our customers’ business operations is of prime importance. To put that into practice, you have to know your customers. Understand what makes them tick.

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Do you have branches or subsidiaries abroad? Because of the Worldwide Broker Netwerk (WBN), the largest worldwide network of independent insurance brokers, Meijers Credit serves customers throughout the world.


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From the beginning we have worked with specialised insurers. A long standing relationship.