Who we are

Credit Management encompasses so much more than debt management as we used to know it. Modern companies that give credit management a place within their organisations are aware of that. 

They recognise that a structured, active policy is required when, for example, additional financing from the bank is required, or when there is a need for substantial company information reports or consolidation of the balance sheet position.

What we do

  • Advice and guidance on various aspects of credit management.
  • Areas of expertise: credit insurance, credit management software, business intelligence and global (legal) debt collection.
  • Knowledge partner in the field of risk management.
  • Ensuring continuity so that relationships can definitely move forward.

Credit Solutions

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Sound credit management enables you to build on a healthy organisation. Sufficient financial assets are now essential for your company’s survival. Therefore, everything that Meijers Credit does is also aimed at the continuity of your organisation.

We have built up long-lasting and pleasant relationships with many of our customers. We can provide you with references.

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